Week 2 Day 8 Layne Norton PH3 Strength Log and Nutrition Information

Week 2 Day 8 Layne Norton PH3 Strength Log and Nutrition Information

Bodyweight and Macros Information

BW: 240lb

Macros: 2400 calories, 210 protein, 180 carb, 93 fat

Training Log

Week 2 Day 8 of Layne Norton’s PH3 Program

Squat: 310×9 3 sets

Bench: 230×9 3 sets

Deadlift: 345×7 2 sets

Previous One Rep Max Measured in December 2016: 485 squat, 345 Bench Press, 610 Deadlift.

A little bit about myself before I begin. This is about my 4th iteration into this program, so I’ve been on it for about a year now. I’ve restarted this program after taking a month off for vacation and to heal everything (my knee was giving me problems but now it’s fine). Going into this program, I’m changing things up a bit. I’m going to be switching from a low bar squat to a high bar squat. My previous one rep max for the low bar was at 485, I don’t expect to hit this on the high bar squat until November/December at least. The reason I’m switching is simply because I’m bored of the low bar and I decided to try out high bar, I’m not competing anytime soon and I just wanted to switch some things up just to spice things up in the gym. Another reason for switching is that I find high bar squats engage my core a lot more and I’m coming in from more of a powerbuilding position than strictly powerlifting, the reason that it engages my core more may be due to the fact that it feels more foreign to me and I have to emphasis using my core more to control the bar but only time will tell. I am also switching my sumo deadlift to a conventional deadlift. I’ve had problems with the conventional deadlift in the past due to improper form and sumo just clicked for me. I personally find a conventional deadlift more appealing to look at so I want to try it out for a couple months and see if I can get my numbers up. If I had to estimate my one rep max for the conventional, I would say it sits at about 455, a huge difference from the 610 sumo I hit a couple months back. Basically from February until now, I didn’t take lifting as seriously as before because I hit all my goals and I took some time off. I’m coming back to PH3 with a stricter mindset and diet, hopefully I’ll be able to reach the numbers from before and climb from there.

Squats 310×9 3 sets

This was my first time doing high bar squats. The week before, I was performing low bar squats but since then I’ve decided to switch. High bar felt foreign to me because I haven’t tried them in about 3-4 years. When you’re resting the bar on top of your traps as opposed to your upper back, the weight distribution seems off and I accounted for that by keeping my core stabilized with my Inzer Powerlifting Belt. I’ve had this belt for about two years now and have many good things to say about it, if you lift heavy, I highly recommend you investing in a belt. Review to come about the belt. I deviated from the program a bit and actually did 315x5x5 sets. Although the weight didn’t feel that much heavier than I thought it would, the whole movement felt different to me so I decided to take back the reps and do more sets with the same weight. I think I should be able to ease into what PH3 asks for once I go deeper into the weeks. Overall, not bad, felt fine considering it was my first time performing high bar squats in a while, hopefully the switch was a good idea.

Bench Press 230×9 3 sets

Bench press went as well as I would expect it to go. After taking all that time off training, I feel that squats and deadlifts were the only two exercises that were really impacted from all the fast food I ate and the non dedicated training. Bench press is still going strong and I expect that I will be hitting a lifetime PR in December if I keep everything up.

Deadlifts 345×7 2 sets

Conventional deadlift is always a toss up for me. There are some days where 3 plates feel like I’m trying to lift the ground off the floor and some days where it feels like I can fly with the weight. Today felt a little bit of in between for me. I did the reps and the sets, that’s all I could really ask for. I find myself playing around with foot positioning and grip positioning a lot when I’m doing conventional, it’s always slightly different from the last time I did deadlifts so looking for the perfect position is key for me and I’ll probably find it once I keep doing it and the lift feels more natural to me.

All in all

Today’s PH3 workout went as well as it could have for me, I’m excited to keep on going and hopefully hit PR’s soon with the high bar squat and the conventional deadlift. The first month for me is always hard because of the high repetitions that Layne Norton asks for in PH3. Looking into the next workout, I’ll need to take some pre-workout (a homemade concoction of whatever juice I have on hand + beta alanine + l-arginine + caffeine pills) and make sure I have enough food in me for the workout. The next workout should be fun, upper body accessory movements!


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